M-Audio Axiom 61

ModelM-Audio Axiom 61 (1st generation)
TypeMIDI keyboard/Controller
Our Serial583113
Memory20 presets
Keyboard61 keys
Good for

All kind of MIDI programming

Less good forAuthentic Grand Piano keyboard

M-Audio Axiom 61


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M-Audio was founded in the 1990s. In the early days the focus was MIDI gadgets such Sync Boxes and MIDI Interfaces. Today M-Audio is a part of AVID, maker of ProTools. M-Audio manufacture many different audio software- and hardware products with focus on MIDI keyboards/controllers and on sound cards. Among the best quality MIDI keyboards on the market is the Axiom series with unbeatable keyboard feeling.

M-Audio Axiom 61, by FrontEndAudio.com


M-Audio manufacture some different lines of MIDI keyboards. The top line is Axiom thats has a really good semi weighted keyboard. It is more expensive than the competitors but it is equipped with much higher quality on the keyboard. There are three different Axiom series with there different models each. They have 2 octaves (25 keys), 4 octaves (49 keys) or 5 octaves (61 keys).

  • Axiom 25 (first generation, discontionued)
  • Axiom 49 (first generation, discontionued)
  • Axiom 61 (first generation, discontionued)
  • Axiom 25 Advanced (second generation)
  • Axiom 49 Advanced (second generation)
  • Axiom 61 Advanced (second generation)
  • Axiom Pro 25
  • Axiom Pro 49
  • Axiom Pro 61

Among some good and helpful features is a USB-to-MIDI interface, so one can connect a MIDI instrument to its MIDI In and route the data via USB into the computer with no need of a separate MIDI interface. Similarly, one can send MIDI to the Axiom's USB port and route it out via its MIDI Out socket to control any external MIDI equipped module etc.


Enigma is a software controller program from M-Audio for some of their products. It makes the programming of the Axiom keyboards much easier than to program from the panel of the instrument.

Enigma software for M-Audio Axiom 61, by HowAudioTV